Stylish Wall Texture Design For Bedroom

textures add dynamism to a room. they tie the space to gather with a celebration of colours and surfaces. each texture and hue creates a different atmosphere, elevating what would otherwise be plain facades. bedrooms being one of the most used spaces at home, from work to recreation, it needs extra attention and care. it determines your mood and comfort with its play of aesthetic and look and feel. wall texture designs bring in character to the space making it enjoyable and fun. below is a small catalogue to help you get started on picking out the best texture designs for your walls.

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nippon neo

november 21 2022

2 min read

mellow hues

mild and minimal bedrooms are never out of fashion. they bring with it a certain calmness and rested mindset to help you unwind. an ascetic ambience to retrospect it after a long day of work. the toned down yellows with a daisy white (np ow 1014 p) backdrop accompanied by a slight touch of a cement like orange peel finish makes it a classic combination, longing to find a place in your home.


rustic module

for all those who crave that rustic feel, why wait to go to a restaurant or outdoors when you can bring it home with you. a bedroom that tells a story through its wall texture designs. the blue flipper (np pb 1541 d) along with shades of itself, for contrast, adds excitement to the facades while defining you and your aesthetic through a well knit narrative. a space that talks about youth, energy and a sense of freedom.


between the greys

a space worthy of the term ‘chic’, the room comes with a side of elegance and strength. a waterfall of sophistication and style if you will. the grey tones paired with a slap brush textured interior wall makes the space stand out with its modernity. this minimal yet filled up space utilising amazing touch (np n 1924 d) grey as its base hue makes a statement and adds value to your bedroom. a focussed and serene place to go about your chores with a clear mind.


breezy blues

blues are always a good option. the sponge textured wall with varying intensities of lite up (np pb 1544 p) blue provides the place with a light and breezy aura. with patches of darker shades complimenting the mild watercolour textured areas, the room echos of laughter and memories. food for your soul guaranteeing a pleasant experience. the texture and colours allows for a play for light and reflection within the room, maintaining a bright and joyful vibe throughout.


the free spirit

the bohemian life is one full of love, light and botanicals. a mild off white tone ropes the space as a singular unit with its play of unique and enticing objects. the use of violet whisper (np ow 1085 p) along with a soft bumpy popcorn wall texture design will make your bedroom the most favoured room for yourself and your guests alike. a room that calls out to its audience to get together, have conversations, create and learn. an immersive and versatile space to assist you in pursuing your passion.