no more boring walls, make a statement with your favourite corner of your home.

Cozy Pastel Corner

break up the monotony of a blank wall with this Kid’s corner transformation and ignite their creativity.

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Cluster 2.png

modern dining experience

add more flavours to your dining area and make it an eye candy for a fun dining ambience.

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trendy 3D entryway

with this 3D pattern, you can add a new dimension to your entryway and leave your guests speechless.

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Cubes and Diamond 2.png

contemporary living spaces

get a fun living room with this modern pattern to ace your accent wall game. this has the power to make your space look bigger or smaller as you wish.

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sunset in your bedroom

bring the sunny glow to your bedroom! these gorgeous sunset-themed walls draw even more attention while rich colours complement any decor.

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Circle of life

Yellow bedrooms add a cheerful and warm tones to your space that blends perfectly with any decor

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Zig Zag 1.png

stylish pastel Zig-Zags

make your bedroom look classy with aesthetic boho patterns that open up your space and make it look spacious.

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all time in style

bring timeless essence to your space with gorgeous zig-zag strokes that tells a story everytime you look at it

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Rectangles and Squares 2.png

young and fresh study

make your study area look fresh and inviting to kickstart innovative ideas and get your work done like a pro

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Abstract 1.png

shapes of nature

let the nature wrap up your space using this elevated abstract pattern to add an edge to your space

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Abstract 2 (1).png

whimsical play area

curves are always in style, especially when it comes to kids' bedrooms. with pastel hues, it's very pleasant on the eyes and soothing for kids.

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Honeycomb elegance

nothing can be more sweeter and cuter than gradient honeycomb on your walls that make you feel relaxed all the time

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Beehive 2.png

light and breezy play area

our wall makeover will bring the beauty of movement to your space. pastel palette will bring life to your room with its light and airy feel, making it a great place for kids

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Cottagecore Bricks 1.png

bring home rustic vibes

add a pop of style to your balcony or terrace with these aesthetic faux-brick patterns.

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Cottagecore Bricks 2.png

your sophisticated space

make your space more stylish with this muted brick wall design that creates a sophisticated look for your room.

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Ombre 1 (1).png

gradient eye candy

let your imagination run wild in this intimate space with textured gradient accent wall

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Ombre 2.png

a dose of your dreams

don't give up on your old walls! rise and shine to your very own dose of dreamy looks with these gorgeous gradient walls.

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Origami 1.png

cool walls check

it’s always a cool experience to look inside a kaleidoscope, so can be your hallways

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your artistic hallway

bring intricate art to your walls with a touch of modernity

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