tri color wall combination for your home

let’s make your home attractive! why settle for white walls when you have an assortment of colours ranging from simple nude tones to exuberant yellows and pinks in the palm of your hand. there’s a hue for every aesthetic out there. it is also important to note that wall colour combinations don’t have to stop at a single paint. yes, too many colours could make your home look cluttered but it all boils down to how you choose to work with them. plan and research are a vital part of making an investment and painting your home tops the list. whether it’s two shades or seven, any design can be made to match your aesthetic and add pizazz and sophistication to your walls. here are a few pointers on applying tri-colour wall paint combinations to make your home a happy and thriving space.

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nippon neo

november 22 2022

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shades and tones

one way to go about living room wall colour combinations is by utilising tones and shades. irrespective of the colour you choose, integrating the use of darker and lighter versions of the hue is always a good notion to follow. for example, a grey and white wall with dark grey highlights will bring out certain parts of the house by creating layers and accents throughout. this also helps create depth and point out areas of focus in an interesting and polished manner.


complimentary colours

complimentary shades are the major leagues in the game of hues. they create a juxtaposition of aesthetics with conversation. by adding to your home colours that are polar opposites, it acts as a testimony to the common phrase ‘opposites attract.’ a wall with a promise of two opposing tones along with a nude facade of eggshell white or cream and you are set. your tri-coloured home is ready and good to go!


**facades and highlights ** want to know a secret? your rooms have not four but five walls. it is vital to remember that your ceiling is a wall too and that it does not have to be painted white. every inch of your home is a chance to explore and experiment. a beautifully coloured ceiling with nude facades along with accented segments would make for a must-have wall colour combination in every house. having said that, the vice versa of a simple and plain ceiling with popping verticals will have an equally lavishing impact on the audience as well, allowing for a joyous experience.


colourful patches

living room wall colour combinations can be taken to the next step by creating interesting designs and patterns. whether a plain white wall or a facade of bright red, you can always add an edge to your home by painting shapes and designs of various kinds on it. depending on the colour of the interior wall, shades or complementary colours of the same can be used to create patterns. from something as simple as squares and circles to slightly more complex motifs, anything you put your mind to can be done as long as you get your colours and negative spaces right.