ways to protect your walls from dust

our homes should always be treated as shrines. as we live and breathe the same air, a well-protected home is ultimately a safe home. it’s common practice to keep our home interiors clean with a fresh coat of paint every once in a while but what about the outer facades – the exterior? keeping in mind that the elevation of the house is the first thing that you see, exterior wall paints play a vital role in the look and feel as well as the hygiene and safety of our homes. let’s look at a few reasons and more over ways to protect our walls from dust and other external factors.

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nippon neo

november 21 2022

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visual appeal

wouldn’t you want your house to look as polished on the outside as within? the exterior being the first look for anyone walking in, it instinctively represents you. maintaining clean walls plays a vital role in how you and your home are perceived. considering the pollution and other environmental factors, dust settling on your walls and niches is natural while also being hard to clean and get out – reducing the overall appeal. the more the dust and dirt settle in, the faster it is for your exterior wall paints to deteriorate, leading to a reduction in colour and sheen.

algae growth

accumulation of dust eventually leads to algae and fungal growth. imagine months and years of unprotected exterior walls! it is natural for these organisms to make a home on your exteriors considering the availability of sunlight and other climatic factors. the more they grow the harder it is to get rid of them so why not take the necessary steps now than worry about it later?

spreads dust allergy

you might not notice as and when but dust allergies tend to manifest over time until it transforms into an inevitable condition. with the current level of pollution and dust in the air, the possibility of developing asthma and other such infections has become more common than ever. exterior walls, though can be cleaned, are not easy to work with leaving you exposed to dust and bacteria.

let’s look at the solution at hand, shall we? nothing is more important than the health and safety of your family. here is an all-in-one answer for all your exterior wall protection needs to ensure safe and secure living.


nippon sumo extra dust shield emulsion

first and foremost, what your exterior wall needs is paint with anti-dust technology. nippon sumo extra dust shield emulsion provides just that and much more. equipped with a weather guard while also being water and dust resistant, the flush, water-based exterior wall finish provides incomparable dust-proof features. with low voc and a colour lock technology, it checks all the marks of the perfect emulsion for a clean home. moreover, it also increases the sheen and glossiness of your walls leaving your house looking fresh and new for as long as six healthy and happy years.